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CTG Machine

CTG Machine

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• Continuous monitoring of FHR, TOCO and maternally sensed fetal movements.

• No need of preprinted stationary or thermal paper, only plain paper required.

• Presentation in the form of a graph on a printer in condensed as well as expanded mode (1/2/3 div=lmin).

• Storage of tachycardia and bardycardia alarm events in the memory.

• Recording of more than 1800 alarms in real time.

• Facility to view or to print all alarm events in real time.

• LCD panel with ON-LINE user friendly alarms and relevant display of patient data such as actual FHR in BPM, blinking corresponding to each beat, UA in %., alarm message display, no. of alarms recorded, High/low FHR limits, patient ID no and time taken.

• Memory backup with fast print facility.

• With in-built acoustic stimulator with separate marker on graph.

• Digitally controlled feather touch key operated volume control.

• Tested and certified as per IEC 60601.1 safety standards. 


Ultrasound sensor : 12 elements Doppler transducer Ultrasound frequency : 1MHz (±5%)

Ultrasound power :

BPM range: 60-210bpm

Resolution: 1 bpm

Accuracy: ±bpm/±1% 


Measurement range: 0-100 relative units Resolution: 1 Count

Accuracy: < ± 5% 


Push marker

Automatic Fetal Movements Detection is optional


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